Free Riot Point Generator

You have now arrived at our free League of Legends Riot Point Generator. This riot point generator is one of a kind and it can create as many RP as you need. Use your RP generator to get 1000’s of RP to buy skins and characters all for free on League of Legends.

We have discovered a way to hack into the League of Legends database to retrieve all of the codes they use to give people riot points. With this free rp generator, no downloadwe have made a web based Riot Point Generator! That’s right, no download what-so-ever, we made it as easy as possible to get these free league of legends points you won’t believe it! As with every free generator we have on the website right now, they are all free, but we do ask you do a measly captcha process to prove you are a human. After that the codes are infinite and you can generate as many as you need to get whatever you want with your Free Riot Points on League of Legends. Use this hack and tell your friends so they can create more riot points with our riot point generator.  Even if you don’t play league of legends you can use these riot point codes and resell them to unsuspecting others and make money off of our free riot point generator.

You may ask how we can give away our Free Riot Point Generator to everyone without asking for money.  I will tell you that the amount of time it has taken to make this and our other generators has paid of tremendously.  We will continue making gift card generators and other game generators for our community of users so they can use and share them.  You will love this free riot point generator so much that you will keep coming back for more. All of your friends will be jealous that you have all the new characters and skins right away because you have a secret they don’t, you have access to a free riot point generator. If you feel nice and want to share you secret make sure to tell your friends about our free riot point generator so they can generate rp for themselves too!


Free Riot Point Generator – How Does It Work?

To explain it simply, we take our website and it acts as a contact to League of Legends Riot Point Database.  Once we contact the database we are able to connect to it via an account that is able to retrieve riot point codes.  These riot point codes are then taken and put immediately into the free riot point generator code and made available to everyone.  I could go into more detail, but then our method would no longer be a secret to anyone and you would have hundreds of clone websites giving out free riot points and making their own free riot point generators.

Speaking of clone websites, you probably have noticed finding us that you might have went through countless others just to get here.  We at are the real and number one source for free riot points and other free gift card generators. You will never find another free riot point generator online that actually works and gives you free riot points.  We strive to have a constant stream of free rp codes coming in so we can provide them to you for no charge at all.

Using The Free Riot Point Generator

It’s simple. First of all at the bottom of this page there will be a link that takes you to the free riot point generator. Second you will go and choose your dollar amount (don’t worry it is just a riot gift card that is redeemed for riot points) and the free riot point generator will generate your riot points.  After that whole process (be patient it could take a while), it will ask for a quick human verification just to make sure you are you and not a robot trying to steal all of our free riot point codes. After that you will be able to redeem your free rp code instantly. Below this is some proof of us redeeming our cards!

free riot point generator proof